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The restaurants at Ikaros Beach offer guests international delicacies with outstanding views of the sea, unparalleled beauty and the pleasure of indulging in Cretan’s world-renowned hospitality and hearty cuisine. An explosion of traditional flavours await your taste buds as the best ingredients from all over the world and locally produced products from Greece’s farms are magically whipped up into gastronomic feasts. Our meals and extensive wine list will leave you satisfied as food and snacks are made per order with fresh ingredients and at all of our restaurants our chefs can fulfil your dietary requirements upon request.

We source only the best and highest quality ingredients to ensure an unforgettable dining experience. We go above and beyond your expectations to bring you a little bit of everything paired with some of the finest wines from Greece and all over the world; with us, you get culture, tradition, hospitality and gourmet delicacies, all on one plate.

A formal hotel dress code is required at the restaurants.

Upon reservation, our all-inclusive guests may please their dinner appetite at some of our a la carte restaurants once per stay, as indicated on the all-inclusive package.

Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa Crete – Main Restaurant (11)
Enjoy breakfast, lunch, an extensive dinner buffet as well as the unique 14-day menu with theme nights that will take your palate around the world.
ikaros beach resort & spa – adults only luxury accommodation crete (113)
Spoil yourself with authentic Mediterranean cuisine at the quaint Ayeri restaurant.
Ammos Front
Located at the edge of the sea, Ammos Beach Restaurant is renowned for its spectacular lunch and dinner views.
Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa Crete – Veranda (3)
Against the alluring background of the cobalt, sea is the gourmet dining restaurant.
ikaros beach resort & spa – adults only luxury accommodation crete (47)
For unique Asian flavours, head to the very popular Sunset Asian Restaurant.
Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa Crete – En Lefko (2)
Experience Italian cuisine at En Lefko.
ikaros beach resort & spa – adults only luxury accommodation crete (121)
Beautiful scenery awaits at Privée.
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